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Sticky* - Closed Rules of the site!

Post  Stella Lightweb on Fri Jul 24, 2015 7:50 am

Hello everyone! Before I start talking: Welcome to the English Star Stable forum!

For this Star Stable forum to become a safe place, there are some rules that you have to follow. Any user that doesn't follow the rules will have a warning. If that person breaks the rules more than 2 times it will be banned from the forum for undetermined time.

.¸¸.*♡*.¸ ¸.*☆*¸.*♡*.¸ ¸.*☆*.¸ ¸.*♡*.¸¸.*☆*

1. It's forbidden to reveal your real name, age, your photos or your friends / family (real life, of course), e-mail, your account information or any other personal information.

2. Any message with sexual, innapropriate and/or offensive content for minors of 16 years old will be immediately denounced and/or delected. This kind of content includes things like: Violence situations, insults and/or humiliation of other users, hentai content, photos and/or sexual symbols (principally symbols that represent sexual parts of the human body) or any kind of agressive language.

3. Avoid asking the Staff to have any important position (For example, minimod). Minimods are the ones who take care of the forum and make it a safe, clean, and secure place, who moves the topics to them respective places and which lock the topics, when it's necessary. The staff elects other minimods according with their performance in the forum. Be patient, please.

4. It's strictly forbidden to ask for personal data from other users or to try to pretend to be the Staff of the forum to descover someone's data. The real Staff has another color on the name and it'll NEVER ask for your password.

5. Don't fight because of religion or political issues. Everyone has the right to have their views of politics and religion, the others should respect that.

6. Don't SPAM (unwanted advertising)!

7. As stated in rule number 2, it's forbidden to insult the other, swearing and/or discuss with other users. Any of these situations will be reported (in the case of insults and profanity, the message will be deleted and/or reported).

8. Avoid placing posts and topics without any goal/sense in the forum. We all work hard to make this forum an organized and clean place.

9. No PC-Love (virtual love). You never know who may be on the other side of the screen.

10. It is forbidden to discriminate others and judge them by their race and/or religion. Here we are all equal and there are no people with more or fewer rights. Therefore, it's not allowed any kind of disrespect.

11. Try to use appropriate vocabulary, so the others can see what is in your messages and what are your ideas, and try to avoid some spelling errors.

12. It is not allowed to normal users to arm themselves in minimods, they exist for some some reason. Remeber: these are the ones to moderate the forum. The Minimods.

13. When you report someone, you must make sure that the complaint is TRUE and that you have a good reason to do it. Any complaint without reason and/or sense will be deleted and the user will be reported.

14. In this forum, you must speak English. If you don't know how to speak English, use a translator.

15. The abuse of emotions (the smiles on your left) is interdicted from 5 consecutive emotions.

16. Don't bribe anyone (example: Ask votes in a contest).

17. Don't practice Bullying (for example, delete someone from the conversation). We all deserve to be respected and anyone can join
the conversations and jokes!

.¸¸.*♡*.¸ ¸.*☆*¸.*♡*.¸ ¸.*☆*.¸ ¸.*♡*.¸¸.*☆*

If you find someone who's disrespecting these rules, communicate it to the minimods! They will take care of the situation and the user will be reported and/or banned (for an undetermined time), depending on the severity of the situation.
If all follow these rules, the Star Stable forum will be a fun, safe and organized place!

Thank you for your attention and have fun ♥
Stella Lightweb

Stella Lightweb

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