♥ Welcome to the EN Star Stable forum ♥

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♥ Welcome to the EN Star Stable forum ♥

Post  Autumn Hayvalley on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:28 pm

Welcome all, horse lovers! Like a Star @ heaven

My name is Inori and the global moderator of the website! Smile
Here you can make your apresentation in group, to me and the other members. If you are new here, I think you don't know what are minimods or mods.

Minimods are people with a special color in their names. They help you following the rules and in your daily habits in the forum. A Mod do the same this as Minimods, but has the special power of block and suspend users.
EN Minimods and have the orange color.

We hope you have fun, and enjoy this forum full of magic! Smile

Autumn Hayvalley

Autumn Hayvalley

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