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Popularity Rating

Post  Autumn Hayvalley on Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:19 pm

Hey! Very Happy

All you got to do is to rate the person above you and tell us that according to you how much the person above you is popular in the site.

You will have to give the rating between 0 to 10.
0 = Never seen before,seeing the first time.
1-2 = Seen very very less on the forums./seen never on the forums but have seen on winx adventure or gardenia.
3-4 = Have talked to them once or twice too.
5-6 = Have seen many times and talked too.
6-7 = Quite popular.Many ppl know him/her.I have seen many posts of him/her.
8-9 = Whenever I am online he/she is online.
10 = Like a legend. (The highest rating)

Remember: rate the person according to your opinion. Don't think that the person above you is your friend so you gotta give them a high rating. Be Honest.



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